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A 10,000 mile cycle ride from Mexico to Patagonia to raise money for Medecins Sans Frontieres and The Psychiatry Research Trust.
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Chris Tebb <>
22nd February 2006, 17:11

Hey guys, nice site!!

Bob Holness <>
22nd February 2006, 17:11

Yeha, I like it too!!

Tom Wiltshire <>
22nd February 2006, 17:24

Have a fabulous time!

Eleanor <>
22nd February 2006, 17:26

It's all very exciting...

Jack Lavender <>
1st March 2006, 19:20

Wow! At this very moment you must be on a plane somewhere over the Atlantic. I'm sure the last-minute packing went absolutely smoothly... Good luck chaps, best of British.

Cleo <>
6th March 2006, 19:59

Good luck, I'll be keeping tabs on your trip from the wilderness of north wales!

Mike Rodger <>
7th March 2006, 00:45

Nice one Tom!

This promises to be a wonderful adventure! I hope you can find a bike shop when you need one! I'm involved with the first British Ascent of Everest West Ridge this spring but I'll keep an eye on your progress over the rest of the year - good luck, best of British, don't forget to shout and speak slowly!!

Charles <>
7th March 2006, 14:08

Good luck ! .. and post fotos quick

Muriel <>
8th March 2006, 18:36

I have read your diary for the first few days. Sorry its been so hot . Cycling at 40C must be horrendous. Perhaps you will get accimatised. All good wishes to you both and my love

Bek <becky,>
9th March 2006, 11:10

Hi you two! So glad you AND the bikes arrived safely! Poor Eleanor - Cannot believe you let her get to the purple stage Tom.....shame on you!

Post pics wearing your bandanna please El! I bet you look dead cute in it!

Loads of love

Bek xxx

anna m <>
13th March 2006, 13:09

Have just read your first two diary entries. Sounds like the adventure has well and truly begun...

anna m <No email given>
13th March 2006, 13:18

forgot to mention – although I don't envy the 51 bites or the comma sunburn, I'm REALLY jealous!

Alex <>
13th March 2006, 15:16

Wow, 1.17% of your journey completed and no flat tyres. I can't remember what my bet was, but i have a horrible feeling that you're not going to get that many! Sounds like you're having a whale of a time. how are the thighs?


Tom <>
13th March 2006, 21:53

The Ravens are flying! Grteat ride guys and thanks for teh mail. Love the site and the pics!

Nath <>
16th March 2006, 21:04

Hola amigos!

Nice to see you're well on your way, I laughed out loud at your barometer tactics ;) This site is wicked...good work. Good luck guys...can't wait to see some piccies.

Take it easy.


Elaine and Mark <>
28th March 2006, 20:41

Hi hope you both are enjoying your adventure,love the diary,keep it up from us all in Hillgrove

colette johnson <No email given>
30th March 2006, 10:39

tom loved every minute of your adventures ian and i send our best hope you achieve everything you wish for, we are dead envious
love colette xx
(keeleys mum)

Nick Brown <>
30th March 2006, 13:39

Hey guys

Just caught up with the diary - all looks fantastic. I have to say, I'm very eager to try the noodles and happy cow culinary experience.

Everything here is same old, same old really. Anyways, keep updating, & more photos!


Langers <>
28th March 2006, 17:06

Loving the diary - only goes to confirm how dull and pedestrian life in London is! Looking forward to the next thrilling installment. Keep clear of those howler monkeys :)

David Myers <>
19th August 2006, 13:02

Hey guys, just discovered your lovely site - did a 6 months 5000km cycle from Southern Argentina, Chile and Bolivia last year - a great trip but Bolivia was HELL - the roads, the the the .... the so very bad roads ....

Have great fun and wish I was there.


David (Brighton)

Jenna Whitney <>
20th September 2006, 11:43

Hi Tom & Eleanor,

Tom - it's Jenna. I worked with you for 6 months on the Eating Disorders Unit at the Bethlem. You kindly supported me and my Cycle Madagascar Challange to raise money for Research into Eating Disorders through the Psychiatry Research Trust. I have seen your poster here at the Institute and have been meaning to log on your site for ages! Wow - I am so impressed! 10 000k is so much in comparison to the 600k I was dreading! I am truly blow away by this amazing feat! Wonderful site, so facinating. I hope I can still make a donation to your worthy that space. I hope your travels are going well. An experience of a lifetime!

All the best to you both on those rocky roads!
Keep goin'!

Werner Meier <>
27th October 2006, 02:09

I'm looking forward to our common adventure¡

Jerome and Claire <>
5th November 2006, 21:10

Just been lookingthrough all your Flickr photos, new friend! some great ones in there, all very 'Observer magazine supplement' - and that's a good thing!

maria vittoria <>
5th November 2006, 23:14

Hi Eleanor!
it's Maria and Tom. We just got back from a Bengali firework display in Victoria Park. It was very bad and we hoped the council spent its money a little bit better, fireworks were amazing though. We walked back home craving for an apple pie with cream. We ate it all.
Tomorrow it's monday... back to work. Do you still remember what work mean?
Good night!

John <>
27th March 2006, 20:41

Hey you two!
Seems like it's all going well. Is it hot enough out there!? It's pissing down here. My precious bike won't see the light of day till summer.


Sister sally <>
13th August 2006, 18:46

I really will write a decent, remotely interesting message to you guys, soon. I keep making the mistake of reading your really fab diary enteries before writing to you. By the time I have absorbed, visualised and dealt with the extreme jealously of your adventure I have absolutely no impetus left in me to lamely chat on about the our lastest UK weather experience (climate change don't you know). I bet no-one else has come up with that stormingly original excuse for having made no effort to write to you guys, combining complement(you/diary)and bullshit.
A quick update.James and I have settled nicely into marital bliss i.e. sex once a week generally on a saturday if at all, TV meals due to a lack of anything new to talk about, 'we' replacing I or first name, finishing off each other's sentences and of course, slippers... So not much has changed there then.
Honestly, I will write.
Love Sally xxx.

ma <>
17th August 2006, 16:25

we are now drinking 'Latin American' coffee while we wait for Waitrose to get in a supply of coca tea, or perhaps I could get it with my vegy box next week along with the carrots.
I saw the message from Paul who I sat next to at OWW dinner , I enjoyed the evening and look forward to the next dinner.
love Ma and Pa

Igor & Carmen <>
22nd March 2006, 20:52

Dear Eleanor & Tom,

We did a very similar journey in 2004 (flew to Cancun and all the way down to Ushuaia) but not by bike!!! We fell in love with LatinAmerica and its people -and are actually going back to Colombia in June, to return the visit one of our traveller-friends paid to us here in London.

We had an amateur msn groups page, where we uploaded our diary & pics. We are really impressed with your page! Ours was called Itakar because of Ithaca, the wonderful poem by Kavafis, which I am sure you have come across. If you have not, please let us know, because it is a must for us travellers.

...When you set out on your journey to Ithaca,
ask the journey to be a long one,
full of adventure, full of knowledge...

Igor & Carmen
I ta kar

Bonnita <>
22nd March 2006, 10:57

Good luck guys!! Just received an email around the IOP to notify us all of your mission and i am inspired. It sounds like an amazing journey that you've started and i hope that some day soon i will also embark on an equally amazing expedition. That's what life's about :-)

Ma and Pa <No email given>
7th April 2006, 10:31

Thank you both for taking time to keep us up to speed on the trip, much appreciated. e try to imagine what conditions your cybacafes are in, anything like the one in the sophisticated city you used to live in ?

Colin & Liz Fergusson <colinferg|>
9th April 2006, 10:00

wishing u a wonderful trip and fair following winds.
we enjoyed meeting Peter & Jennifer in Spain last month.
your poster has now been put up in our daughters hospital,the John Radcliffe in Oxford.A small donation has been sent to your charities. Planning to watch your progress

Bel <>
10th April 2006, 11:40

Hey guys, just checking out your diary, sounds like you are having a wicked adventure, not least for all the exotic food stuffs you are coming across. Keep up the good work. PS: I didn't know you were also running a drug distribution network on the side but if it keeps the moula rolling in...make mine a xanex :-)

Gaynor <>
11th April 2006, 15:43

Hi Tom and Eleanor,
Really enjoying your diary have put up poster in Tesco!Watched BBC prog. did you know Patagonia means big feet?
You have lots of interesting animals to meet when you get towards the end of your journey.Have a wonderful adventure.

Jess W <>
12th April 2006, 17:11

Just found this part of your site so haven't been ignoring you both...just too busy reading the diary section. Sounds like an amazing month so far...and so much further to go. Know it will only serve to make me more jealous butget that gallery site up running so we can see the sites too...

Much love (and luck)

Kate <>
14th April 2006, 12:35

Phew - at least we know where to go for bird flu medicine! Your nephew sends a gummy grin.


James Hobson <>
14th April 2006, 16:55

Blimey, you two must have been writing emails with a lot of stress indicating adjectives to attract all those valium adverts. Tom, just got a link from your sis to this page. What an excellent plan! I'll see if I can hook it up to the Oxford Cycle co-op, maybe some benefactor will see it.

Too skint to cough up right now - Georgie and I just got back from New Zealand. But when I've got a job again, I'll roll some money your way.

Happy peddling.

x James

Sando <>
2nd April 2006, 16:43

Hey Kids!

Oh-mi-gawd. I am soooooo jealous...think I may have to hand in my resignation on Monday and do something equally exciting. Tomeanor rocks.

Take care + keep away from those dogs 'n' robbers.


Riaan and Diana <>
20th March 2006, 01:27

Hi Tom and Eleanor

It's been fun getting to know you and thank you for making us (PACZ Guesthouse) part of your trip. Good luck with the journey!!!

Becks <>
30th May 2006, 00:39

Hello Tomenor!!
Fabulous website! Only just been catching up with your adventures. Looks way more exciting than a rainy day in Sydney. If you fancy coming home via the land of 'Roos there's always a place to stay.
Lots of love

Rina <>
16th April 2006, 11:47

Hi Guys,
Just got my first look at your website, it looks amazing, very impressed. Haven't had a chance to read all your diary yet, but i read brings back soo many happy memories! Be careful in Quetzaltenango!

penny hobson <>
18th April 2006, 18:56

jimbo's mummy here! hi tom, hello eleanor. fantastic trip fantastic website; exhausted after reading only 2 days of diary - and i thought my friend was so brill for riding from land's end to j.o.g.!
monies winging their way to both charities anon. love pennyx

Jack Lavender <No email given>
26th May 2006, 13:56

Hi Tomonor,

loving the beard, Tom. I liked the photo of you and the stone carving. Suave.

Hope you're both happy and well


kathryn jones <>
20th April 2006, 11:00

Hi, I think what your doing is really incredible. I have travelled the length of Mexico and Central America right down to Coasta Rica as well, and it was an amazing experience. I met a few people biking it on the way, and thought they were totally crazy! So its great to read the diary of how your doing it. Enjoy Guatemala, its one of the most beautiful and amazing countries out of all of them. Best of luck to you for the next year, and watch out for muggers in south america!!

Alex <>
20th April 2006, 22:39

Hi Eleanor and Tom!
How are the spanish lessons going?

Miffy <No email given>
22nd May 2006, 18:42

Did you forget to take me! Good luck!

david & marie <>
8th May 2006, 07:09

Hi Eleanor and Tom
We are following your adventurous expedition with great interest and look forward to all your diary entries. All of us here in Switzerland send our love and wish you luck.
Swiss Family Wilson

edy rodas <>
20th May 2006, 00:18

hi eleanora and tom!
i'm so glad because you are having a big experience in latinoamerica, I hope your spanish is geting better, and every thing you do and whereever you go was very good...
en realidad no puedo escribir mucho en ingles, pero es increible lo que hacen. muy buena suerte! y que les vaya muy bien...

Sarah Dennison <>
25th April 2006, 23:05

Hi guys! My God! What can I say? I look forward to every entry in your diary. Ellie, you're the only person I know who can 'nearly' have so many things happen to them. I'm so glad you stood in the line first for the ditzy genes on the day we were born! Ha ha ha. But seriously you sound as though you're having a ball (speaking of which, Helens was a huge success, raising nearly £6000) Keep going, and updating this hugely entertaining site. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Tom, please take care of my friend, we have a big birthday to celebrate which will be on hold til your return.
Take Care of yourselves, Much love Sarah XXX

Jack Lavender <>
28th April 2006, 08:21

Great travel stories, damp girls, tamiflu... is there anything you guys don't provide?
Happy trails guys.


paul foster <>
11th June 2006, 21:16

Hi Tom
We met briefly at the OWW doctors dinner the other week. I am the psychiatrist from Barnet. I sat next to your Mum and perhaps you could say hello to her and best wishes

I want to wish you the very best on your journey. What you are doing is a wonderful inspiration

All the best
Paul Foster

Armin <>
18th June 2006, 11:45


Now the "nearly gone again" title of your email makes sense! I hadn't realsed that you weren't back for good. Extra-Super pissed off now at having been a flaky fuck and missed your pit-stop.

The trip sounds amazing. Recognised some of the places in Central America from when I was there. It really comes through though how travelling the way you do seems to highten engagement with what you move through. I love the diaries-laughed out loud loads. I hope you plan to knock them together and publish them when you finish...when do you fnish? When you in London next?

I will be in Colombia between 25/6/6 and 15/7/6 - but i notice on your map that in the "de country wid no red line"( to be said in fearful crap USA/Mexican accent used for anyone lighter that Clint in the Spaghetti westerns). Is this because of the fuck-off big and scary (at least for me) mountains, or the fuck-off big and scary troops of AK47 toting guerillas? Both seem sensible reasons to not cycle through. I'll be there with Shirley's (my girlfriends) extended family in Cali and El Huila.

I will keep track of your travels on the net..good luck and take care. Truly amazed by what you have done/are going to do...


Chris Tebb <>
27th July 2006, 10:11

Hey crazy wheeled kids! To all those who have tried to sign the guestbook but been unable to, I apologise for not spelling bicycle right in the code.

I will beat myself. Pictures look great guys! Another lot has arrived at Mat's house so I'll stick them up soon as I get there!!

Good luck!


Ekki&Debora <>
22nd November 2006, 00:24

Hey guys,
all the best for your trip down to Patagonia and always strong winds in the back! Best of luck, Ekki&Debora

Ekki&Debora <>
22nd November 2006, 00:25

Hey guys,
all the best for your trip down to Patagonia and always strong winds in the back! Best of luck, Ekki&Debora

Ekki&Debora <>
22nd November 2006, 00:25

Hey guys,
all the best for your trip down to Patagonia and always strong winds in the back! Best of luck, Ekki&Debora

Ekki&Debora <>
22nd November 2006, 00:25

Hey guys,
all the best for your trip down to Patagonia and always strong winds in the back! Best of luck, Ekki&Debora

Abi Jones <>
1st December 2006, 21:35

Hi Eleanor,
Wow! when you said you were going travelling I didn't realise it was this serious. What an adventure! Great to see all you're doing. You both look like you're having a fantastic time. I'm really pleased I discovered this site. Thinking of you

Tom <>
14th December 2006, 00:09

Hola Hola. Youré a little way ahead of me sounds like your having a ball!

I am resting from the saddle in Quito but have just had a peep at your site. What a beauty!

Happy, Happy Christmas to you both.

Tom xx

Riaan <>
14th December 2006, 11:55

Hi guys

Riaan from PACZ - last stop for the night in Belize. Glad to hear you're still having fun. Hats off and God bless for the last few 1000 km's.

Riaan <>
14th December 2006, 11:56

Hi guys

Riaan from PACZ - last stop for the night in Belize. Glad to hear you're still having fun. Hats off and God bless for the last few 1000 km's.

Ruth <>
4th January 2007, 15:38

Happy New Year and greetings from a wet and windy Manchester!! What an achievement so far!!! Well done guys x

Abi <>
9th January 2007, 22:19

Happy new Year! looks like you had a great Christmas! Just to let you know we are thinking of you. Keep it up!
love Abi,Melv,Jobe and Ella x
We are jellyarse!!

Lee <>
13th January 2007, 00:54

Hey Eleanor!
Man, what a trip, do you have the build of a T-rex yet? Completely blown away by the photos and stories. Happy new ears and good luck with the rest of the trip.

Simon Jefferson <>
18th January 2007, 01:02

Hi Eleanor and Tom,

I have loved reading your travel diary and seeing the photos taken. A really fantastic experience I would love to do myself someday. This is a real inspiration to us all and shows what we all can do if only we 'leap' from dreams to reality!
Best wishes for a safe conclusion to your journey.

Jack Little <>
19th January 2007, 19:24

Hi Tom:
Your parents just returned to the UK after spending two days here with us here in in Boston. They both seemed in excellent form; you father looks not a day over 59. They told us you had almost arrived in Patagonia; when I last looked at your website, you has just skipped over Columbia. Congratulations and bonne comntinuation! -Jack

ads n hay <>
1st February 2007, 21:23

My girlfriend & I are so jealous of you guys. This is one hell of a journey & will be with you for years to come. We kind of know what you are going through as we have cycled both south & north islands of New Zealand but i'm sure that our camping facilities were much better than yours.There appears to be an approx 200miles break in your route below Panama Why is this? Was it too unsafe to cycle? We have been thinking of doing the same sort of trip but have concerns about safety How have you found it? keep up the good work. Take care Adam

Werner Meier <>
4th February 2007, 17:56

Hi Elena and Tom
I just wanted to say Hello and hope all is good with you. Still enjoying the elevenses and the 4o'clock tea?
I've drowned into work again now. The first days back at work were strange. As I had delegated all work to others, I had nothing to do when I came back. So I first cleared my working room and then painted some walls with a light orange color. Now my office looks like a Mexican restaurant.
I remember when I was longing to get out of Bolivia. Now I'm already longing for going back to the lonely tracks of South America.

After coming home I made an astonishing discovery. Looking for our trace (or track?) in Google Earth, I found that the area between Uyuni and Villazon has very good satellite pictures. So I could follow all the way we had done on bike. If I had seen that before, I probably wouldn't have done it.

I'm following you on your home page. I'm looking forward to reading what happend after I returned.

Greetings from Switzerland

Matt Yelland <>
15th March 2007, 10:17

Hey there guys, Good luck with your last couple of weeks, you sure do have some fantastic pics and I'm sure some pretty life changing and lasting memories, and Tom that is a fantastic beard you're sporting (does that create any kind of drag limitations at all?!) As for your legs they must resemble tree trunks! Looking forward to seeing you both when you return. I hope it isn't too depressing the thought of returning to the u.k. Any how you sure are a couple of heroes and huge congratulations on your epic feat. Take care guys matt x

Nathalie from Canada <>
15th March 2007, 13:32

Thursday morning, from my snow town in Montreal, i'm looking at your wonderful trip, and i must say...i'm envying you. You did a great job to raise money, and for yourselves, that has no prices.
Enjoy the last bit, and thank you for sharing.
the French girl

Vanessa & Jaime <>
27th March 2007, 22:11

Ei folks congratulations!!!!
Was nice to meet you in Ushuaia, you didn t look very tired after the big trip so maybe it s time to plan another one??!!
Good luck in your come back!!!

Stefan Reuss <>
29th March 2007, 02:06

It´s an amazing thing, you did. You have all my respect. So far I keep on using the bus on this trip. But I am planing to cycle around europe, as soon as I´ve earned some money.
Was nice meeting you, and drinking with you in Ushuaia.

Nick <>
2nd April 2007, 09:59

Hats off to you...

What an inspiring story. real adventure.

Now thats what I call an experience

You guys are legends :)

george <>
4th May 2007, 12:13

Great trip folks well done.

On the Caraterra that giant rhubarb is called Nalca(?spelling), and the young shoots are very edible.


Tim Druett <>
5th June 2007, 01:58

Sorry I missed you. You have just passed us. We live in Coyhaique. I am English hampshire born and breed. Just found your site while looking for something else. Fantastic trip. If I had known about this earlier I would have offered you food and lodging. If your still in the country and need anything drop me a line. There are seven Brits who live here and lots of Yankees. Good luck Tim

Samuel <No email given>
10th July 2007, 01:58

thanks for documenting your trip so well... i am studying yours to prepare for a similar trip. great website! good luck out there

ulli and Jose <>
13th September 2007, 19:15

Hi you 2!!!

Where are you at the moment, your last entry was written in July...hope everything's ok!!!!
Thanks so much for your long diary, I read it all along our preparations getting ready for our trip by bikes... Now, we' ve finally started in Quito at the end of Sept. and are relaxing in the rain of Banos at the moment! Hope to read or hear from you 2 more, yours Jose from Barcelona and Ulli from Cologne - abrazos y besos de Ecuador

Gertjan Janszen <>
14th September 2007, 12:58

Hello Tom and Eleanor,

What a great way to see South America. I wish I could do it.

I want to thank you for putting a link to our charity on your website. I am a co-founder of Charity Bolivia and worked with Kiko and Carmen for 2 years.

It was great to read about Colonia Ecologica and that you enjoyed your time there. We have just visited Colonia again last august and they are all doing great.

At the moment we are writing our latest newsletter. Please let me know if you would like to receive this.

Gertjan Janszen
Charity Bolivia

Jen and Simon <>
3rd October 2007, 00:49

Hi Tom and Eleanor

Greetings from Uyuni! Not sure if you still get emails from this site but Simon and I have been following some of your blog for tips as we too are cycling through SA. We started in Quito and are now about to get a train to Villazon so are filling in time! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that reading your tale has been delightful and helpful to us.

We have a website too if you are interested

We welcome any tips.
Jen and Simon